Monday, December 23, 2013

Result of Postman Examination

Result of Postman Examination
Following candidates of Tamluk Division are come out successful in Postman Examination 
1.     Alpana Rana, Khukurdaha
     2.Pratap Ch Sahoo, Amalhanda
     3.    Soumasree Das, Boyal
     4.    Paban Ch Ghanta, Upalda
     5.    Arun Kr Sahoo, Rain
Following candidates are surplus in Tamluk Division and allotted to South Kolkata and North Kolkata Division respectively.
     1.    Sankar Bhowmik, Narayandari
     2.    Pabitra Manna, Osmanchak
We convey our heartiest greetings to all the above employees for their proud selection. Hope they will enroll our fold in the coming days taking membership of our organization belongs to mighty NFPE.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Three candidates of Tamluk Division are re allotted to another Division, nearer to their home. This happened in other Division of West Bengal also. Candidates are requested to contact for details.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Celebration of Diamond Jubilee year of NFPE

We had organised our Extended Working Committee Meeting on 24.11.2013 i.e. on the 60th birthday of NFPE and discussed the history and struggles under the banner of NFPE.

We had also took program to organise Zonal General Body Meetings in every Zone to elect the Zonal In-charge and to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee year of NFPE.

NFPE is 60 years young
                   National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) is a class-oriented militant organisation of above five lakhs postal employees. NFPTE was formed on 24.11.1954
                   The P&T trade union movement in India has inherited a history of struggles and sacrifices right from the days of British Raj.  During 1905 when there was no freedom to form unions, Babu Tarapada Mukherjee started this organisation in the name of a Postal Club at Kolkata GPO.  Tarapada was dismissed from service by the British Government for delivering a speech against the British Government in the year 1921 at Lahore All India Conference.  During the last more than one hundred years many leaders and workers of this organisation has been tortured, arrested and put under jail both by the British and Indian Governments.  Com. Dada Ghosh, founder Secretary General of NFPTE was arrested and placed under prolonged suspension. Com.N.J.Iyer, former All India President of NFPE was arrested for delivering a speech against “Emergency” in 1975 and imprisoned in Bikanir Jail for 18 months.  Com.K.Adinarayana, Former Secretary General of NFPE was in jail for three years for participating in the Telangara struggle against Nizam. Com. K. G. Bose, who electrified the P&T Trade Union movement with his class-oriented approach was dismissed from service. Many legendary leaders like Coms. O. P. Gupta, Henry Barton, V. G. Dalvi, K. L. Moza, A. S. Rajan, Piramanathan, N. C. Ambalavanan have lead this organization in the past.
                   25 days historic 1946 P&T strike is marked in the history of India’s freedom movement as one of the most militant struggle launched by P&T employees against the British Raj.  1960 five days strike of Central Government Employees, 1968 September 19th one day strike for Need Based Minimum wage in which 17 employees have been brutally murdered by the Government by resorting to firing and lathicharge. 1974 Bonus Strike, 1984 September 19th Strike for the emancipation of three lakhs Extra-Departmental employees, 1993 five day’s Postal Strike, 1996 eight days strike for bonus ceiling removal,  1998 eight days Postal strike, 2000 fourteen days Postal Strike were all lead by the National Federation of Postal Employees.  The one day strike by Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers conducted last year on 12-12-2012 is another milestone in the history of Postal Trade Union movement.
                   NFPE has been participating in all the nationwide General strikes including the 2013 February 20,21 two days strike conducted by the Central Trade Unions, right from 1991 onwards against the Neo-liberal imperialist globalisation policies pursued by the Central Government.
                   NFPE has conducted innumerable struggles for realisation of the legitimate demands of the Postal employees especially the most down-trodden section of Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual, Part-time, Contingent employees.
                   NFPE is an affiliate of the Confederation of Central Govt. employees and Workers and is playing leading role in mobilising the Central Government employees and organising struggles including nation wide strikes.
                   Due to neo-liberal policies implemented by the Central Government during the last more than two decades, the Central Services including Postal department is facing great threat against its existence.  Ban on recruitment, outsourcing, downsizing, contractorisation, contributory pension scheme, non-regularisation of the services of Gramin Dak Sevaks, restrictions on compassionate appointments, Bonus discrimination are all the off shoots of this policy.  Due to unprecedented price rise the real wages of the employees and workers have eroded like anything.  The Central Govt. employees are on continuous struggle demanding appointment of Seventh Pay Commission with effect from 01.01.2011, 50% DA merger, regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual labourers etc.
                   NFPE Federal council held at Hyderabad in June 2013 has decided to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of NFPE in a befitting manner. Inaugural ceremony of one year long celebrations will be held at New Delhi on 24.11.2013 and final celebrations will be organized at Jam Nagar (Gujarath) in a grand manner on 24th November 2014.
                   One year long Diamond Jubilee celebrations of NFPE shall definitely discuss all the issues confronting the working class in general and the Postal employees in particular and formulate programmes for future course of action.
                   NFPE calls upon the entire postal employees to conduct seminars, general body meetings, trade union workshops, honouring former leaders, exhibitions, classes on the history of the postal trade union movement etc. during the period from 24th November 2013 to 24th November 2014 as part of Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

                   Let us be proud of being a part of this great and glorious organization and let us carry forward our uncompromising fight against all injustices.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Rectt Candidates-supply of Attestation form

Attestation form & Medical (from CMOH) will be sent to the candidates today. They have collect character certificate from first class officer. Certificate from S.D.O may serve the purpose.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Letter to CPMG reg. joining of newly recrited PAs.

37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata – 700 013
PC-35/Recruitment                                                                                   dated 19-11-2013
Sri J. Panda,
Chief Post Master General,
West Bengal Circle,
Yogayog Bhawan,
Sub:  Expedition of pre-appointment formalities for Postal Assistants /Sorting Assistants / PA SBCO for
         Direct Recruitment for the years 2011 & 2012.   
Dear Sir,
             Kindly recall the discussions this union had with you yesterday on the above subject at your chamber.
             Once again this is to mention that it is a good news to our postal family that result of direct recruitment for the year 2011 & 2012 has recently been published and a large number of PAs / SAs / PASBCO are going to enter in our department.  What in our last discussions both you and we opined is that on the background of present era of technological development these young, energetic and talented girls and boys will be much helpful and effective to our department. And hence we earnestly requested you to have a constant supervision from higher level administration so that the pre-appointment formalities for these new entrants get completed at the earliest exploring easy avenues for their appointment. Unfortunately, we are receiving some information that in some divisions like North Presidency, Dinajpur, Tamluk etc the local administration are not shouldering almost any responsibility to expedite the entire process and as a consequence there is already a space that  both the new entrants and also the respective division will have to suffer bitterly. However, in our discussions we also requested you to provide in house training for them so that before requisite induction training they can join easily.  
             In these circumstances this union urges upon you to intervene in to this matter personally and issue necessary instruction in general so that these newly recruited candidates may get appointment as soon as possible.
             Thanking you,
                                                                                                       Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                        ( J.Majumdar)
                                                                                                       Circle Secretary   
Copy to : All Division / Branch Secretaries for intimation – they are also requested to pursue this case with the local authority constantly.                
                                                                                                        ( J.Majumdar)
                                                                                                       Circle Secretary   

Selection letter of PAs despatched on 18.11.2013

Selection letters of the following candidates are despatched on 18.11.2013

1.Shri Sujan Jana
2.Ayan Chakraborty
3.Tathagata Biswas
4.Soumya Ghosh
5.Suman Sarkar

They are requested to show originals to the Supdt of Post Offices within 10 days.

Thursday, November 7, 2013



          Congratulations! and warm welcome to all the new entrants.  With pride & prestige, theNATIONAL FEDERATION OF POSTAL EMPLOYEES (NFPE) the delight of the Department of Posts known for commitment & service before  self, feel privileged to meet and greet the talented young blood inducted to the Department of Posts, with passion and sense of responsibility.
                   No doubt we have every reason to green with envy on your selection to this prestigious Department as you are chosen being the cream among who contested for selection .  We know NFPE Union needs no introduction as it has stamped its presence in the history of Indian trade union movement. NFPE is a militant organization of about 5 lakhs postal employees.  It is within everybody’s knowledge that only the voice of NFPE peals like a trumpet – note, from one end of India to the other, as it represents 70 TO 80% of the postal community in each circle.  The P&T trade union movement in India has inherited a history of struggle and sacrifices right from the days of British Raj.
                   The committed and dedicated rank & file under the guidance of illustrious leaders of the past and present have earned a niche in the temple of fame for which, no doubt, we know you are the true inheritors.
                   The unifying influence of the majestic organization is instrumental to which is fraught with infinite possibilities of progress for future generation. 
                   The NFPE therefore welcomes all of you to be a part of this organization and enrich and strengthen its great works so that you do not swerve from the pursuit of welfare and you do not swerve from the pursuit of knowledge and vigor. 
Come! Join NFPE and let us set together and march forward together! 
Please contact us or our Divisional/Circle Secretaries at any time for any help.  We are at your disposal.

With Warm Greetings,

M. Krishnan
Secretary General, NFPE
Mob: 09447068125

News : PA / SA Examination Result (Outsider Quota) Published

Result of PA / SA Examination (Outsider Quota) Published on 04.11.2013
Candidates of Tamluk Division may contact Divisional Secretary, Mobile No. – 9434693636/8001942650, for any kind of help.

Note :- Please don't be trapped in any illegal activities of any unauthorized person.
Result has already been sent to the successful candidates from the PMG office. Help us to maintain corruption free recruitment process.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Divisional Conference




     At the call of our All India Union (CHQ) we stayed in Mass Demonstration in front of  office of the Supdt  on 25.09.2013 from 15:00 Hrs. to 18:45 Hrs to ventilate some all India demands as well as local issues.
     It was a grand success. Huge numbers of members were participated in the said demonstration. SP was not present though we have intimated him earlier in written. Even he denied to give permission to hold demonstration in front of his office as well as asked to maintain silence even if the demonstration held at outside. However we didn't hear these all and conducted demonstration in the premices of Divl office. We also requested all of our members of Divl office not to participate in the farewell program of SPOs (Sasanka), the nonsense.