Monday, December 23, 2013

Result of Postman Examination

Result of Postman Examination
Following candidates of Tamluk Division are come out successful in Postman Examination 
1.     Alpana Rana, Khukurdaha
     2.Pratap Ch Sahoo, Amalhanda
     3.    Soumasree Das, Boyal
     4.    Paban Ch Ghanta, Upalda
     5.    Arun Kr Sahoo, Rain
Following candidates are surplus in Tamluk Division and allotted to South Kolkata and North Kolkata Division respectively.
     1.    Sankar Bhowmik, Narayandari
     2.    Pabitra Manna, Osmanchak
We convey our heartiest greetings to all the above employees for their proud selection. Hope they will enroll our fold in the coming days taking membership of our organization belongs to mighty NFPE.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Three candidates of Tamluk Division are re allotted to another Division, nearer to their home. This happened in other Division of West Bengal also. Candidates are requested to contact for details.