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28t h August 2015

After two rounds of discussion between the Group of Ministers and the central trade unions on the 12-point charter of demands of the trade unions held on 26th and 27th August 2015, the GoM headed by Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley sent an appeal through the press release dated 27-08-2015 (Press Information Bureau) after 10 pm urging upon the trade unions to reconsider the call for countrywide general strike on 2nd September 2015 claiming that the Govt has given concrete assurance to consider most of the demands  of the trade unions and that the trade unions agreed to consider the Govt’s proposals. Similar appeal was also made in the meeting of 27th August.  Both the claims of the Govt are totally incorrect.   

To put the facts straight, the joint platform of central trade unions have been pursuing with successive governments at the centre with their basic demands since 2009 and observed three rounds of countrywide general strike since 2010, the last being for two days in February 2013. In the two rounds of meeting between the CTUOs and the Group of Minister, nothing transpired in concrete terms except vague statements by the ministers on steps to be taken or being taken on some of the issues, that too not in the right direction.

The Govt’s press release mentioned, inter alia, certain issues in support of their unfounded claim.
1.    The Govt stated about “appropriate legislation for making formula based minimum wages mandatory and applicable” for all. But despite concrete pointers made by the trade unions that such formula should be what has already been unanimously  recommended by the 44thIndian Labour Conference in 2012 and again reiterated by 46th Indian Labour Conference in July 2015 in which the Govt of India is also a party,  the Ministers did not give any concrete commitment on the same. In fact said formulae recommended by 44th ILC in 2012 and reiterated by 46th ILC in July 2015, makes minimum wage around Rs 20000/- at 2014 price level and the Trade Unions demanded only Rs 15,000/. The Ministers’ vague formulation does not ensure even half of that. Is such a position worth consideration?    
2.    On contract workers, the Govt assured that they will be guaranteed minimum wages. What is there to assure except spreading deliberate confusion?  Existing laws of the land lawfully ensures payment of minimum wages to contract workers. The Govt’s statement regarding “sector specific minimum wages for the contract workers” also does not make any sense. The trade unions demanded “same wages and other benefits as regular workers in the concerned industry/establishment to be paid to contract workers.” The 43rd Indian Labour Conference held in 2011 recommended the same and 46th ILC unanimously reiterated the same in 2015, in which, again, the present Govt is a party. How could they deny the unanimous recommendation of the highest tripartite forum in the country like Indian Labour Conference?
3.    The steps taken by the Govt on Labour Law amendments, are meticulously designed to throw out more than 70% of the workers on industries and other establishments from the purview and coverage of almost all basic labour laws and also to eliminate almost all components/provisions of rights and protections of the workers. This was supplemented by more aggressive steps already taken by a good number of state governments to already amend the labour laws in the similar lines. On this issue, the Govt stated only that they will hold tripartite consultation before taking such steps.  The trade unions demanded scrapping of such proposals by the central govt and also not to give assents (through President) to the unilateral amendments made by the state governments. Even in all the tripartite consultations held on some of the proposals of the Govt, the trade unions’ unanimous suggestions has been ignored by the Govt in favour of loud supportive applauds of the employers. Once these retrograde changes in labour laws totally dismantling the rights and protection measures for the workers and also throwing more that 70% of the workers out of the purview of labour laws are enacted, thereby rendering the almost entire working people a right-less entity in their workplace, what would ensure even payment of minimum wage and other social security benefits for them, even if those provisions are improved ?  Can any trade union, worth its name accept such a machination designed to impose conditions of virtual slavery on the working people ?
4.    Despite repeated insistence by all the trade unions, the Govt refused to concede to the demand for recognizing  the Scheme workers, viz., Anganwadi, Mid-day meal, ASHA, Para-teachers and others as “worker” with attendant rights of statutory minimum wages and other benefits in gross violation of the unanimous recommendation of the 45th Indian Labour Conference in 2013, reiterated again by the 46th ILC  in 2015. These workers and all the schemes have been put to further crisis threatening their existance owing to drastic cut in budgetary allocations for those schemes. In such a situation, does the assurance of the Govt to “extend social security measures” and “working out ways” for the same carry any meaning?
5.    On bonus issue, the Govt has assured to revise the eligibility and calculation ceiling to Rs 21000/- and Rs 7000/- respectively from existing Rs 10000/- and Rs 3500/-. Trade Unions’ demand has been that since there is no ceiling on profit, all ceilings in the Payment of Bonus Act should be removed altogether. Trade unions also demanded substantial upward revision of the formula for gratuity calculation and remove the ceiling on gratuity payment. The Govt has negated the demands.
6.    On price rise situation, claim of the Govt that it has gone down does not match with ground reality in respect of commodities for daily necessities of the common people. The demands of the trade unions for putting a ban on speculation/forward trading in essential commodities and services along with universalisation of public distribution system throughout the country have been totally ignored.
7.    Trade Unions demanded stoppage of disinvestment in public sector undertakings playing crucial and supportive role in advancement of the national economy. Govt totally ignored the same, rather has been going on aggressively in disinvestment route  in all the major PSUs much to the detriment of the interest of the country’s economy.  On the demands for stoppage of further FDI in defence, railways and financial sector, the stance of the Govt is continuing to be a total denial. Rather, the Govt has been aggressively pursuing deregulation and privatization in strategic sectors like electricity, Port & Docks, Airports etc in a big way.

There are other issues as well, statement of Govt continued to be totally vague and their claim is unfounded. How can anybody, rather any trade union worth its name can consider above stands taken by the Govt on vital demands of the workers as a positive development and move out from the programme of united strike action ?

Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for reconsidering the decisions of the Central Trade Unions for countrywide general strike on 2nd September 2015. Rather, the situation demands that there should be no vascillation in carrying forward the call for general strike on 2nd September 2015 throughout the country in all sectors of the economy with firm determination.

The Central Trade Unions appeal to all working people irrespective of affiliations to make the call for countrywide general strike against the anti-worker, anti-people policies of Govt a massive success.

                                                                                                                              Tapan Sen

                                                                                                                                                      General Secretary CITU
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


NEW DELHI-110 001

No.PF-JCA-12/2015                                                                              Dated:  11th ,August, 2015

The Director General
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001


In accordance with the provisions of Sub Section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, we hereby notify that all the Postal/RMS/MMS/Administrative & Postal Accounts Employees and the Gramin Dak Sewaks will go on One Day Strike on 02nd September, 2015.

The Charter of Demands is enclosed herewith.

          (R.N. Parashar)                                                                             (R.N. Parashar)                       
     Secretary General                                                                              General Secretary                                  NFPE                                                                                         AIPEU Group-C
     R. Seethalakshmi                                                                                Giriraj Singh    
     General Secretary                                                                            General Secretary
AIPEU Postmen, MTS/Group ‘D’                                            AIRMS & MMS EU Group ‘C’                                                                                                                                                                                            
              (P. Suresh)                                                                          Pranab Bhattacharjee
       General Secretary                                                                           General Secretary          
AIRMS & MMS EU MTS &Group ‘D’                                        AIPAOEU (Admin Union)                                                                                        

T. Satyanaryana                                                                                   Virendra Tewary            
General Secretary                                                                                 General Secretary          
AIPAEA (Postal Accounts)                                                                    AIPSBCOEA
    S. A. Rahim                                                                                    P. Pandurangarao                       
General Secretary                                                                                  General Secretary                    
AICWEA (Civil Wing)                                                                       AIPEU-GDS (NFPE)             
                                                                       CHARTER OF DEMANDS

1.    Urgent measures for containing price-rise through universalisation of public distribution system and banning speculative trade in commodity market.
2.    Containing unemployment through concrete measures for employment generation.
3.    Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measure for violation for labour laws.
4.    Universal social security cover for all workers
5.    Minimum wages of not less than Rs. 15,000/- per month with provisions of indexation.
6.    Assured enhanced pension not less than Rs. 3000/- P.M. for the entire working population.
7.    Stoppage of disinvestment in Central/State PSUs.
8.    Stoppage of contractorisation in permanent perennial work and payment of same wage and benefits for contract workers as regular workers for same and similar work.
9.    Removal of all ceilings on payment and eligibility of bonus, provident fund; increase the quantum of gratuity.
10. Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days from the date of submitting applications; and immediate ratification of ILO Convention C 87 and C 98.
11. Against Labour Law Amendments
12. Against FDI in Railways, Insurance and Defence.

1.    Effect wage revision of the Central Government Employees from 01.01.2014 accepting memorandum of the staff side JCM; ensure 5-year wage revision in future; grant interim relief and merger of 100% of DA; Include Gramin Dak Sevaks within the ambit of 7th CPC. Settle all anomalies of 6th CPC.
2.    Implement Cadre restructuring proposal in all Cadres including MMS.
3.    Implement arbitration awards and revise OTA Rates.
4.    No Privatisation, PPP or FDI in Railways, Defence Establishment and no corporatization of Postal services.
5.    No ban on creation of new posts. Fill up all vacant posts.
6.    Scrap PFRDA Act an re-introduce the defined benefit statutory pension scheme.
7.    No outsourcing, contractrisation, privatization of governmental functions; withdraw the proposed move to close down the printing presses, the publications, form stores and stationery departments and medical stores Depots; regularize the existing daily-rated/casual and contract workers and absorption of trained apprentices.
8.    Revive the JCM functioning at all level as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of the demands of the Central Government Employees.
9.    Remove arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointment.
10. No labour reforms which are inimical to the interest of the workers.
11. Remove the ceiling on payment on bonus
12. Ensure five promotions in the service career.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gathering at the call of Save Democracy Forum, Purba Medinipore

                 A gathering/rally was held at Hospital More,Tamluk, Purba Medinipur (WB) on 23.08.2015 (Sunday) at 3:30 PM at the call of Save Democracy Forum. The lovers of Democracy and the victims of present ruling party were present in the rally.

                    Shri Asok Kumar Gangopadhyay, Former Justice, Supreme Court and  Eminent Dramatist Shri Chandan Sen were  present and delivered their speech, criticizing the Hitler like undemocratic acting of the present state Govt.,ruled by Smt Mamata Banerjee.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Important News

Our Divisional Secretary is now on leave from 26.07.2015 and is out of station due to treatment of his family members at CMC, Vellore. Com Pravas Kr Sahoo, PA, Panskura S.O. and Asst Secretary of our union is looking after the duties of Secretary during the leave period.
Members / colleagues are requested to contact Com. Pravas Sahoo, Asstt Secy over Mobile No-8967531696 or Com. Jitendra Nath Hatai,President over Mobile No-9434056394 for any problem. You may also get the latest information about the Monthly meeting held with the Superintendent on 29.07.2015.
Please Read The Following First

As discussed in the last meeting with the PA/SA candidates, the All India Postal Employees Union Group-C, West Bengal Circle Union (NFPE) is giving the draft representations to be submitted to the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle. Every candidate is requested to submit it to the Chief PMG through registered post/ speed post (address given below).

For draft copy Please contact our Divisional Secretaries.