Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Recent order issued by CPMG office regarding Training Allowance of newly recruited PA of 2011-12 vacancy is total discrimination between Induction Trg. PA and In-house Trg PA.
Those who are top in merit will suffer much for this. It shouldn't be.
Suppose in the merit list :
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
PVRs of A & B are complete. There is 1 seat from the Division. Naturally A will go for Induction Trg. Subsequently CPMG ordered that whose Induction Trg can't be given due to non availability of seat and whose PVR is not complete, they can join after In-house Trg.
now order issued like that those are in In-house Trg and joined will get full salary from the date of joining. Induction Trainees will get Trg allowance @2800-
so, A goes to Induction Trg from 01.07.2014 (say) and he is senior in Merit list . B,C,D are juniors and their papers are also not cleared and their In-house Trg started from 08.07.2014 (say). In that case A will earn Rs.8400- per month as a senior and B,C & D will earn @21340- per month.
How funny !!
We shall protest.

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