Thursday, September 10, 2015


    As the pain and anxiety of the 2013-14 batch of Postal & Sorting Assistants are only getting worse by the inordinate delay by the department to reach and announce a decision, our organisation has decided now to floor a demonstration in the heart of the capital of the country,at JANTAR MANTAR in NEW DELHI, on 23rd September 2015.

    We know that the time is short, but the decision has been taken today and the Central Head Quarters of our union has requested each and every candidate to assemble there to protest the indifference of the department towards them. As permission is not available now to hold a demonstration/gathering in front of DAK  BHAWAN, a delegation of CHQ/Circle leaders will meet DG(Posts) or other officer of the Directorate from the protest assembly, and a memorandum from our union will be handed over to him. 

     Accordingly, we request all candidates of our Circle and other Circles also to reach New Delhi by 22.09.15 afternoon and book return ticket not before 24th. Please take this program with extreme seriousness as this may attract the attention of public and national media. Other than exceptional necessity, none should be absent. So, please contact, finalise, motivate and mobilise everyone to use the potency of this unique opportunity to ventilate your grievance. 

   From our Circle, Circle Secretary himself with some other Circle Office Bearers and Divl leaders will accompany the candidates of West Bengal.

 The address of Jantar Mantar is : 
Sansad Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001.

    Click Below to see the location:,77.2166267,15z


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